Pandemic Doubles the Need for Help – PSE&G Offers Support & Flexibility

COVID-19 has inflicted financial hardship on many of PSE&G’s customers and left them struggling to pay bills.  Today, twice as many customers are seriously behind on their bills than before the pandemic. 
New Jersey’s grace period on utility disconnections ended on December 31, 2021.  Customers at risk of utility service disconnection should enroll in a Deferred Payment Arrangement (DPA) and apply for payment assistance to avoid an interruption of their utility service.  
“PSE&G’s commitment to supporting their customers, our residents, through this pandemic truly embodies their commitment to ‘public service’ and shows how much compassion and empathy they have for those who have had to make hard choices about which bills to pay,” said one local official.  “We will continue to partner with PSE&G to ensure our residents receive the much needed support as we all recover from this pandemic.”
Many more customers are now eligible for energy assistance programs that have been expanded with increased income limits.  We are offering more flexible payment options and new deferred payment arrangements (DPAs).  
Enroll in a PSE&G Deferred Payment Arrangement (DPA): Visit; or call 800-357-2262.  When asked, “What would you like help with today?” say, “Payment arrangement.”
Apply for State energy assistance: Visit ( or dial 2-1-1.
Need help, not sure where to start or want to share information with others?  Visit:, or call PSE&G Customer Care: 800-357-2262.
Find an affiliate agency that helps people apply for utility relief programs in your county: Visit for PSE&G Customer Service Centers with customer advocates from affiliate agencies.  Or visit ( or dial 2-1-1.
PSE&G never wants to shut off any customer’s utility service because of the inability to pay.  They want to partner with municipalities and customers to keep them connected and get them back on track, together. 
For more information, visit