Zoning Administration & Enforcement



The objective of Zoning Administration and Enforcement is to help maintain and improve the quality of the community by managing an administrative and enforcement program to correct violations of municipal codes and the New Jersey Land Use Laws. The Zoning Officer is charged with, but not limited to handling community and neighborhood land use requirements. In addition to the following:

  • Responsible for ensuring that new development and on-going land occupancy conforms to applicable local regulations regarding land use and zoning enforcement.
  • Reviews applications for variances, conditional use permits, subdivisions and zoning changes; prepares recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission, and/or Borough Council consistent with the Borough Codes.
  • Works closely with local business leaders to ensure they stay within compliance concerning zoning regulations, property maintenance, and safety.
  • Educates local citizens on municipal zoning codes and disseminates information to steer the community in the right direction to accomplish their goals.

Zoning & Planning Board Duties

The Borough of Roselle has adopted an updated "Signs" Ordinance, #2523-15: Download Ordinance, #2523-15 (PDF)

Please ensure any signs located on your property meet these new requirements unless previously approved by the Zoning Official.

Please also check the following updated development plans if you are constructing in any of these areas:

Does my project require zoning approval and/or a construction permit?

Impervious vs. Pervious Pavement/Material


Zoning Officer