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Community Resource Guide
” F I R ST    I N    LI G H T ”

Stay Connected through Communication with the Borough of Roselle

Community Resource Guide

Welcome from Mayor Donald Shaw

Dear Residents,MAyor

Welcome to the latest edition of the Roselle Resource Guide. This comprehensive guide provides valuable information and resources available to you  in  our  beautiful  community. It is the goal of your municipal government, administration and staff to remain connected with you and always improve upon the quality of life in our Borough.

In this guide, you will find information on accessing the Borough’s many municipal services, along with contact information for the

council member in your ward who can be a direct line of communication and service to you. We have also included schedules for important services such as trash and recycling pick up and tax collection, and election information and public park locations.

I encourage you to reach out to me at or (908) 259-3015.

You can also reach out to a council member or department head if you have questions or need assistance.

We invite you to join us for our Borough Council meetings, held on the 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays of every month. In the meantime, use this guide to familiarize yourself with all that our Borough has to offer. Stay safe and be well.


Mayor Donald Shaw

Important Numbers
Important Numbers

Police: (908) 245-2000
Fire: (908) 245-8600
OEM: (908) 241-4966
Narcotics hotline:
(908) 245-DRUGS
Associated Humane
Societies Newark NJ:
(973) 824-7080
Poison control:
(800) 222-1222
(800) 436-7734

ALWAYS call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Roselle Ward Map
Administration/General Inquiries
(908) 245-5600

Borough Administrator: R. Allen Smiley, MPAP
(908) 245-5600 x 3030
Assistant Borough Administrator: Shanel Y. Robinson 
(908) 245-5600 x 3030
Confidential Assistant: Raven Conyers
(908) 245-5600 x 3030
Human Resource Coordinator: Kheesha Walls, MJ-LEL, PHR 
(908) 245-2014
Purchasing Agent: Eric Walker, QPA
(908) 245-5600 x 3001
Borough Attorney: Mohamed Jalloh, JD
Economic Development Coordinator: Victor Klymenko
(908) 245-5600 x 3014

210 Chestnut Street, Roselle, NJ 07203 Hours: Monday - Friday: 9am - 4:30pm

The Administration oversees all municipal operations in the borough, carrying out the policies adopted by the Mayor and Borough Council, providing professional administration, management and supervision of municipal departments and ensuring compliance with relevant federal laws and regulations.

The Administration also develops long-range plans with  guidance from the elected body and assists in the achievement of common goals and objectives. The Business Administrator oversees key department managers.

Borough Clerk's Office (908) 245-5600

The Borough Clerk is one of four statutory municipal positions required by New Jersey State Law. The Borough (Municipal) Clerk’s responsibilities as defined by New Jersey Statutes are:

Secretary to the Governing Body: Responsible for the following: preparing, recording, processing, retaining the original copies, and when necessary advertising meeting agendas, resolutions, ordinances, meeting notices, and municipal budgets; administering oaths of office; acting as liaison to the public and correspondent on behalf of the Mayor and Borough Council.

Secretary to the Municipal Corporation: Responsible for: the municipal seal; maintaining custody of all minutes, deeds, bonds, books, contracts, archival records; attesting to the signatures of municipal officers and officials; and receipt of service of legal documents.

Chief Administrative Officer of Municipal Elections and Chief Registrar of Voter Registration: Responsibilities include issuing, receiving, processing and certifying the following:

  • New voter registration
  • Voter name and/or address change
  • Absentee ballot application
  • Political party affiliation declaration
  • Nominating petitions of candidates for office
  • Results of local elections
  • Coordinating & managing records
  • Other duties that may be imposed by State statute

210 Chestnut Street, Roselle, NJ 07203
Polling Places



Polling Location



Ward 1


Borough Hall


Borough Hall


Harrison School


Oak Park Apartments



Ward 2


Harrison School


Harrison School


Polk School


Polk School



Ward 3


Harrison School


Abraham Clark H.S.


Abraham Clark H.S.


Fire House


Ward 4


Borough Hall


Washington School


Washington School



Ward 5


Leonard V. Moore


Washington School


Grace Wilday


Grace Wilday

Polling Places
Tax Collector
Phone: (908) 259-3027 - Fax: 908-241-9144

Michael J. Schnurr, MPA, CTC

This department is in charge of collecting taxes for the borough, and providing tax bills.


  • Tax Bills Tax Liens

Office hours are Monday thru

  • Tax Collection
  • Tax Sales
  • Tax Redemptions
  • Frequently Asked Question:

Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm.

210 Chestnut Street, 2nd Floor Roselle, NJ 07203

Tax bills are mailed once a year during the summer months for the 3rd and 4th quarters of the current year and for the 1st and 2nd quarters of the subsequent year. Please mark your calendars with the quarterly due dates.

Tax Payment Due Dates

1st quarter - February 1st 2nd quarter - May 1st
3rd quarter - August 1st 4th quarter - November 1st

Each of these due dates has a 10 day grace period. If the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday, the grace period is extended to the next business day. Any payment received after the grace period shall be charged interest from the due date.

View and pay your tax bill online at the below link:

  • Hour Payment Drop Box Now Available! There is now a 24-hour drop box located outside of the building by the parking lot for tax payments. The payments are picked up from the box every business day at 9:00 AM and posted that same Payments placed in the box after 9:00 AM are picked up and posted the following business day. Please provide a self-addressed and stamped envelope if you would like a receipt mailed back to you. NO CASH PAYMENTS, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, SHOULD BE PUT INTO THE DROP BOX.

Please mail tax payments to: Borough of Roselle Tax Collector’s Office 210 Chestnut Street, 2nd Floor Roselle, NJ 07203

Please visit the below link for information on New Jersey’s Property Tax Relief Programs:

Want to learn more about the elements of a Tax Sale? Visit the link below for basic

information: collector docs/ elements of tax sales ni.pdf

Tax Assessor

210 Chestnut Street - (908) 241-4000
It is the duty of the Assessor’s Office to uniformly value all properties in Roselle so that all taxpayers pay their fair share of the obligations of the schools, the County, and the municipality. The Tax Assessor determines eligibility for all qualified tax exemptions and deductions. Tax deductions available include Senior Citizen, Disability, Surviving spouse, Veteran, and Widow of a Veteran. Please contact the Assessment Office to obtain applications for any of these programs.

Building Department

725 Chestnut Street, 3rd Floor - (908) 634-4530 Bill Wilkins - 


The Building Department is responsible for code-compliant construction in the Borough of Roselle.
For detailed information on state code requirements, please refer to the Department of Community Affairs website ( codes/).
Please note the Building Department is now located at the Roselle Fire Department, 725 Chestnut Street, 3rd Floor.
Access is through the rear of the building.
Code Enforcement/Zoning

210 Chestnut Street - (908) 259-3023Zoning
Michael Tisdale -

The  Zoning  Officer is charged with but is not limited to, handling community and neighborhood land use requirements, such as the use of the structure, location, configuration and size, fence permits, and permit for the impervious surface.
Our objective is to help maintain and improve the quality of the community by administering an enforcement program to correct violations of municipal codes.
Code Enforcement is charged with, but not limited to handling exterior and interior maintenance, such as garbage and debris, vegetative overgrowth, abandoned or inoperable vehicles, parking vehicles on unimproved surfaces, car parts, or other visual and hazardous nuisances on commercial, business, and residential property.
The enforcement of property maintenance and nuisance codes helps to ensure that there is a minimum level standard required for maintaining all properties in Roselle. Your help is needed to keep the Borough of Roselle a safe and healthy community where all those who live, work, or visit can experience a sense of pride and well-being.
We ask our commercial and residential homeowners to maintain their properties to preserve and promote the beauty of Roselle.

Planning, Zoning & Land Use
Planning, Zoning & Land Use
(908) 259-3014

The Planning Board is a nine-member board comprised of public officials and residents and is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to Borough Council related to redevelopment and land use ordinances and regulations. The Planning Board prepares and adopts the Borough of Roselle’s Master Plan, which guides the long-term goals and objectives for the Borough. The Planning Board also has jurisdiction to review and approve site plans, subdivisions, and bulk variances requested as a part of development applications.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial board comprised of seven Roselle residents who hear and decide project matters that do not meet the standards of the Borough zoning ordinance. The purpose of the Zoning Board is to protect the intent and purpose of the zoning ordinance while at the same time providing relief to property owners when appropriate. The board also provides interpretations of the zoning ordinance and hears appeals from the zoning decisions made by the Zoning Officer.

The duties and responsibilities of each board are governed by the Municipal Land Use Law and the Borough of Roselle, Chapter 77, Land Use Ordinance. Both boards have regular meetings once a month.

To be placed on the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment agenda, applicants are required to complete a Planning Board/Zoning Board of Adjustment application, which can be obtained online on the Borough of Roselle Website under Online Forms. Any questions related to completing an application can be directed to the Administration Department at (908) 259-3014.

Roselle Municipal Court
Roselle Municipal CourtRoselle Municipal Court

210 Chestnut Street - (908) 245-5588

Honorable Carl L. Marshall - Nicole Bailey, C.M.C.A 

The Roselle Municipal Court is considered a court of limited jurisdiction, having responsibility for motor vehicle and parking tickets, minor criminal-type offenses (for example, simple assault and bad checks), municipal ordinance offenses (such as dog barking or building code violations) and other offenses. Many serious criminal cases, such as robbery, auto theft, or assault, start out as complaints filed in the Municipal Court but those cases are transferred to the Superior Court located at the Union County Courthouse in Elizabeth.

Under the guidelines prescribed by both the New Jersey Rules of Court and the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Roselle Municipal Court is responsible for both the processing and disposition of all traffic summonses, criminal complaints and city ordinance violations cited within the Borough of Roselle.
210 Chestnut Street - (908) 259-3059

The municipal engineer is responsible for the management of public structures and services that Roselle provides. The engineer oversees the construction and administration of public roads, sewers, waste management facilities, and public parks throughout Roselle.

The focus is to improve safety and convenience for residents while protecting the environment and precious resources, such as the water supply. The municipal engineer works in cooperation with builders, professional civil engineers, construction project managers, and members of city planning committees.

Perhaps a busy road or sidewalk is beginning to crumble, or a rainwater drainage system proves insufficient. The municipal engineer carefully considers new options and determines the most effective ways to improve or replace structures.

Finance Department

210 Chestnut Street - (908) 245-5600 ext. 3010 Anders Hassler, CCFO/CMFO, CTC


The responsibilities of the Department of Finance are many, including:

  • Maintain central accounts and records
  • Control expenditures
  • Pre-audit bills and claims
  • Take custody of securities and investments
  • Invest surplus funds
  • Prepare the annual budget
  • Prepare financial statements

Fire Department
boroughofroselle.comFire Department

725 Chestnut Street - (908) 245-8600

Chief Eric Pearson -

The Roselle Fire Department proudly stands on the front lines to protect residents from fire and other emergencies, provide emergency medical services, rescue, and assist members of the community through code management, public education, and incident response.

The safety of the residents of Roselle has been and always will be the main concern of the department. When an emergency call is received, firefighters respond to make
the scene as safe as possible and remove people from harm’s way.

Office of Emergency Management

Cesar Perez - cperez@boroughofroselle.comOffice of Emergency Managment

The Roselle Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in a mutual partnership with Police,  Fire, EMS, and other Borough Departments and in coordination with federal, state, county, and other local municipalities work to prepare for and respond to any man-made or natural hazard that may jeopardize life and property. The Roselle Office of Emergency Management is responsible for overseeing the borough’s Emergency Operating Plan (EOP) as one of the four phases of emergency management; mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Mitigation: Mitigation is the cornerstone of emergency management. It’s the continuing effort to lessen the impact disasters have on life and property. Mitigation is defined as “sustained action that reduces or eliminates long term risk to life and property from man-made or natural hazards and their effects.”

Preparedness: Preparedness takes the form of plans or procedures designed to save lives and minimize damage when an emergency occurs. Planning, training, and disaster drills are the essential elements of preparedness. These activities ensure that when a disaster strikes, emergency managers will be able to provide the best response possible. Disasters are caused by high winds, floods, releases of deadly chemicals, fires, ice storms, earthquakes, as well as other man-made or natural hazards. When disaster strikes, the best protection is knowing what to do.

Response: Response is defined as the actions taken to save lives and prevent further damage to property in a disaster or emergency situation. The response is putting preparedness plans into action. Response activities may include damage assessment, search and rescue, fire fighting, evacuation, and sheltering victims.

Recovery: Recovery is defined as the actions taken to return the community to normal following a disaster. Repairing, replacing, or rebuilding property are examples of recovery.

Roselle Police
210 Chestnut Street - (908) 245-2000

ALWAYS call 9-1-1 in an emergency

The Roselle Police Department provides the highest level of service through the enforcement of laws and the protection of life, property and the constitutional rights of all. We meet the present and future needs of the public through a continued partnership with our community.

Our police officers are dedicated to service and committed to excellence.

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of honesty, truthfulness and ethical conduct. We take pride in ourselves as individuals, our division as a team and our citizens as a community. We ensure that all people are treated with equality, dignity and courtesy.

The Roselle Police Department is committed to the highest level of professional standards through the development of highly trained and motivated employees.


Health Department
The Roselle Health Department works to prevent disease and to protect well-being at allHealth1 life stages and promote the health and safety of the people of Roselle through the delivery of quality public health services.

The department accomplishes our mission by providing and supporting the essential public health services of:

  • Surveillance, diagnosis, and investigation of diseases, health problems, and threats to public health.
  • Education, empowerment, and the utilization of individuals and the community to prevent health problems and improve their health.
  • Promotion of health policies and planning for individuals and community efforts to improve their heath.
  • Regulation and enforcement of public health laws and policies necessary to control disease and protect the public’s well-being.
  • Facilitating access to health services for individuals; especially those of greatest need.
  • The Roselle Health Department offers free childhood immunizations for infants through high school. Contact the Public Health Nurses at (908) 659-4329 for more information.


(908) 245-6717

The Borough has emerged as a leading recreational site in Union County, with streamlined processes for coordinating efforts of non-profit, volunteer sports clubs and organizations, as well as a plethora of Borough-sponsored activities.
Some highlights of the Roselle Recreation Department’s accomplishments include a completely revamped and highly successful Summer Fun Camp which provides six weeks of camp activities. The camp includes nutritional meals, physical activities, education enrichment, field trips and mentoring for all children, working closely with various members of the Borough Council and the borough engineer to improve the quality of parks.
This provides enhanced activities for park-goers, multicultural street fairs, holiday concerts, and collaboration with volunteer organizations.
The Roselle Recreation Department looks forward to continuing to meet the recreational needs of Roselle residents and encourages input ensuring we meet the needs of everyone in the Roselle community.
Anthony Amalfe Community Center
1268 Shaffer Ave, Roselle, NJ
(908) 245-6717

The Senior Bus provides service to local shopping areas. For bus pickup service, contact the Amalfe Center at (908) 245-6717, 8-9am, Mon.
through Fri. Buses depart from the Amalfe Center promptly at 9:15am.
For a full transit schedule, contact the Recreation Department.

Public Works

  1. Arminio Field

(E. 8th Ave.)

  1. Bud Simmons Intergenerational Park (including Splash Park) (W. 2nd Ave & Pine )
  2. Chandler Avenue Park

(E. 9th Ave.)

  1. Cristiani Street Park

  1. Charles C. Polk Park

(E. 7th Ave.)

  1. Green Way Boulevard Park at Park Apartments

(417 Raritan Rd.)

  1. Grove Street Park

(Grove St.)

  1. Home Terrace Park

(Home Terr.)

  1. Poplar Street Park

(Poplar St.)

  1. Sylvester Land Memorial Field

(Spruce St. & Columbus Ave.)

  1. Warren Street Park

(Warren St.)

Public Works

(908) 245-2920

Duane Patterson - 

The Roselle Department of Public Works provides services for borough residents, the public in general as well as the other municipal departments and agencies. Most services are characterized as maintenance or support activities.
The Public Works Department, through its employees, provides for the delivery of high quality, cost effective, efficient, safe services involving public infrastructure and facilities to enhance the quality of life in Roselle.
Service request response and quality assurance is the first concern for this department. It is our goal to respond quickly to each request, maintain the same quality of service and monitor our completion rate and customer satisfaction.

Shade Tree DivisionPublic Works

The Shade Tree Division works to ensure that Roselle’s shade trees thrive in our community.
The established procedure for removing trees within the 10 foot right-of-way is to request an inspection through the Public Works Department to determine whether the tree is in poor health or is posing a danger to people or property. The inspection is free, as is the permit issued to you to remove the tree.
The purpose of this inspection is to prevent the unnecessary removal of trees in the Borough as trees are an integral part of our ecosystem and also contribute greatly to the beauty of our town.
Borough of Roselle Sanitation/Recycling Calendar
  Garbage Bulk Trash
East of Chestnut St. Monday/Thursday 1st Wed. of the Month
West of Chestnut St. Tuesday/Friday 3rd Wed. of the Month


1st Ward 2nd Ward 3rd Ward 4th Ward 5th Ward
Friday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Monday
  • All bottles and cans are to be put in an open container, NOT in plastic Please do not put any paper products with the bottles/cans. Glass and plastic may be comingled.
  • Metals, aluminums and appliances are picked up the last Thursday of every month; you must call for a scheduled The Borough only accepts #1 and #2 bottles for recycling; bottles with any other numbers must be thrown away in the regular garbage.
  • Recycling of cardboard, newspaper, magazines, books, etc. will be picked up throughout town on the 2ndand 4th Wednesday of the Paper products should be bundled and tied, or in an open container not to exceed 50 lbs., and put curbside the night before pickup.
  • If a holiday falls on any of your scheduled pickup days, pickup will occur whenever your next scheduled day
Do not put out any recycling/garbage before any holiday or threat of inclement weather.
  • Vegetative waste (garden debris, grass clippings, leaves/branches) will be picked up by wards from April through Beginning in April, branches should be no longer than 4 feet, tied and bundled. For tree log removal, call (908) 245-2920.
  • Leaf season runs from November through February and is picked up by wards There is a 10-bag limit, and each bag must be less than 50 lbs.
  • Bulk trash that is placed in black garbage bags will not be picked Mattresses and toilets should be wrapped.

New Year’s Day MLK, Jr. Day Lincoln’s Birthday Presidents’ Day Good Friday

DPW Holidays

Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Columbus Day Election Day

Veterans’ Day Thanksgiving Christmas

Check the borough website ( to sign up for text message alerts Or tune in to Channels 34 or 37 for changes and updates to this schedule

Roselle First


(908) 245-1759

We invite you to learn more about the ROSELLE FIRST initiative, equipping Borough residents with important job readiness and employability skills at no charge.

ROSELLE FIRST is creating strategic relationships with Roselle’s business sector and matching local employers with qualified local employees for meaningful and sustainable employment.  Through the “ROSELLE FIRST Workforce Center,”
this collaboration will partner with federal, state, and local governments and businesses, colleges, schools, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations for the delivery of these innovative programs and services – an exclusive courtesy to residents of the Borough of Roselle.

ROSELLE FIRST provides a free platform for residents and business owners to connect about local interests, job openings, and potential contracting opportunities. This collaboration engages all local stakeholders to make ROSELLE FIRST when it comes to offering business opportunities

Roselle Public Library
Jeanne Marie Ryan, MLS - Library Director

(908) 245-5809


The Roselle Public Library strives to inform, educate, enrich, and empower our community by providing access to a vast and diverse array of information, activities, and services.
Resources, technology, and communities are continually changing. It is the job of libraries to manage those changes to best meet the needs of the community. This does not happen randomly or accidentally. It happens with a carefully prepared, comprehensive, and collaborative planning.

Sign up for your official Roselle ID and Passport.
Join the Friends of the Library Club!

Mayor's Office of Hispanic & Latino Affairs
210 Chestnut Street, Roselle, NJ 07203

(908) 259-3038


At the end of 2015, Roselle launched its municipal identification program. It was the first project of the newly-created Office of Hispanic-Latino Affairs.

“Roselle is a diverse community that must be open and accessible to all residents,” said Mayor Donald Shaw. “People should know that the door is open and that no one should have to prove that they count - everybody counts.”

Among the many benefits of the municipal ID is that it allows better access to municipal services.

Meetings take place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at 210 Chestnut Street. Dates are subject to change; please call the Borough to confirm.
Mayor's Senior Advisory Committee
Mayor's Senior Advisory
The mission of the Mayor’s Senior Advisory Committee is to provide programs that are important to members of our Senior Community. The Committee Members are appointed by the Mayor and serve as liaisons between the Mayor and our Senior Community. They gather input from the Seniors to help determine what types of recreational and social programs would be of interest to them.

The Committee plans these activities in collaboration with the Recreation Department and oversees them. From Jazz Fashion Shows to Holiday Parties, Summer Senior Picnics, plus much more the Committee is always working to create successful programs for our Seniors that they can enjoy and are well attended. These programs are part of a greater Recreational Calendar for others in our community that Seniors get to participate in as well.

Check out our calendar of Recreational Events and Senior Activities on our Roselle Website. The Activity Calendars and flyers are also provided at the Anthony Amalfe Community Center at 1268 Shaffer Avenue and the Roselle Borough Hall at 210 Chestnut Street.

Note: For information Contact the Anthony Amalfe Community Center at (908) 245-6717.
Roselle Public Schools
Office of the Superintendent: 
710 Locust Street, Roselle, NJ 07203 

(908) 298-2040 x 2041

Roselle Public Schools’ vision is to prepare ALL of our students for college, work, and life in high-achieving schools.
The school district serves grades pre-K-12 in its eight schools.

District schools include:

  • Roselle Preschool 1305 St. George Avenue, Roselle, NJ, 908-298-2040 ext. 2555
  • Kindergarten Success Academy 150 East 3rd Avenue, Roselle, NJ, 908-298-2040 ext. 2205
  • Harrison Elementary School 310 Harrison Avenue, Roselle, NJ, 908-298-2052
  • Dr. Charles C. Polk Elementary School 1100 Warren Street, Roselle, NJ, 908-298-2061
  • Washington Elementary School 501 Washington Avenue, Roselle, NJ, 908-298-2072
  • Leonard V. Moore Middle School 720 Locust Street, Roselle, NJ, 908-298-2047
  • Grace Wilday Junior High School 400 Brooklawn Avenue, Roselle, NJ, 908-298-2066
  • Abraham Clark High School 122 East 6th Avenue, Roselle, NJ, Phone 908-298-2000

Rotary Club of Roselle-Roselle Park Rotary Club of Roselle-Roselle Park

(908) 868-2798

The Rotary Club of Roselle-Roselle Park was chartered on April 30, 1923 and since that time has supported many local and international organizations, charities and projects. Members of the club, led this year by Keyanna Jones, include
a diverse group of people who are current and former residents, business owners and community leaders in Roselle, Roselle Park and Linden. Over the years, the club has supported the libraries, first aid squads, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, WW I and II Veterans Memorials, youth sports, police and fire departments, battered women’s shelters and the Chamber of Commerce.

With a focus on youth engagement and support, the club also sponsors students who participate in Rotary Youth Leadership Academy and the Youth Exchange; and they recognize Students of the Month from each of the three high Schools in the Twin Boroughs of Roselle and Roselle Park.
With the motto: “Service Above Self,” the Rotary Club of Roselle Park is a true embodiment of a local service club with global reach.

Roselle Chamber of Commerce

(908) 299-6772 

Rotary Club of Roselle-Roselle Park1

The Roselle Chamber provides a forum to exchange ideas and information among our local business and professional residents.

Our programs, projects, and meetings keep our members in contact with one another and serve the needs of the business community.
Roselle Everett Hatcher Prevention Coalition

210 Chestnut Street, Roselle

(908) 868-0489

The Roselle Everett Hatcher Prevention Coalition (REHPC) was

Roselle Everett Hatcher Prevention Coalition

 developed by a Coalition Director along with a volunteer committee to address substance abuse and promote prevention since 1989. REHPC’s vision is to foster the growth of a successful community of youth and families making positive choices to remain drug-free. Our goal is to prevent and reduce youth substance abuse in Roselle.

From its inception, the coalition has followed a shared leadership model, for which shared responsibilities divided across the coalition membership has allowed everyone to become part of the movement.


For more than a decade, REHPC generated community awareness and support through several activities in the Roselle community. More recently, however, our structure was enhanced as we were introduced to coalition-building strategies through support from GCADA, SAMHSA, CADCA, and Prevention Links.

Some of our success stories:

  • Project Medicine Drop Box
  • Cops in School, Parent University, Red Ribbon Week, DARE, What Kids Need to Succeed, The Lead & Seed
  • National Night Out in partnership with the Police Department
  • Presentations including; Hidden in Plain Sight and Getting High Naturally
  • A Drug-free Cinco De Mayo with the Hispanic-Latino Community
  • Website & Facebook page
  • 2018 Need Assessment; 2017 Youth Survey, 2017/2018 Community
  • Summer Camp Leadership program with the Recreation Department
  • Monthly meetings
  • And more!

For more info, visit our website,, or find us on Facebook: /RoselleEverettHatcherPreventionCoalition

Prevention Links

121-125 Chestnut Street, Suite 301 (3rd Floor) (732) 381-4100 

Prevention Links

Prevention Links is a private, not-for-profit organization, which takes a leadership role in the prevention of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and related issues.
With community being defined as an environment where people live, work, or learn, the goal of Prevention Links is to pull together all available resources to eliminate the deleterious effects of drugs, alcohol, violence, and inadequate education and health institutions in our communities.

Prevention Links focuses on identifying and enhancing existing strengths within the individual, family, school, and work setting to serve as the first and most valuable resource in sustainable revitalization of all types of community.
Prevention Links implements training programs and evidence-based strategies, practices, and programs that are outcome-based and empower all segments of a  community to be actively engaged in changing their environments.
Open Public Meetings (908) 245-5600

The Mayor and Borough of Roselle Council meet twice a month for workshop and regular meetings, typically on the second and third Wednesday of each month.

Meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Borough of Roselle, 210 Chestnut Street, Roselle, New Jersey 07203.

Regular monthly business is conducted at these meetings including but not limited to Presentations, Proclamations, Commendations, Communications, Reports, and list of Payment of Bills, Public Comments, Public Hearings, Approval of Minutes, Consent Agenda, Introduction of Ordinances, Adoption of Ordinance and Approval of Resolutions. These meetings are open to the

public. Formal action may be taken at said meetings. Please be advised that the Governing Body reserves the right to enter into Closed Executive Session per

N.J.S.A. 10:4-12.

See below for a meeting schedule – or visit for details and for any cancellations.




April 2021

Wednesday, April 14

Wednesday, April 21

May 2021

Wednesday, May 12

Wednesday, May 19

June 2021

Wednesday, June 9

Wednesday, June 16

July 2021

Wednesday, July 14

Wednesday, July 21

August 2021

Wednesday, August 11

Wednesday, August 18

September 2021

Wednesday, September 8

Wednesday, September 15

October 2021

Wednesday, October 13

Wednesday, October 20

November 2021

Wednesday, November 3

Wednesday, November 10

December 2021

Wednesday, December 8

Wednesday, December 15

Citizens of Roselle: If you are interested in serving on any municipal boards or commissions,
please contact the Mayor's Office at (908) 245-5600.

Roselle Street Guide
Ward 1Roselle Street Guide

Recycling pickup: Fridays

Adams St.
Carolyn Ter.
Drake Ave.
Elm St.
Fifth Ave. from Harrison Ave. to Drake Ave. First Ave.
Galvin Ave. Garden Dr. Garfield St.
Georges Pl. from Drake Ave. to Harrison Ave. Georges Pl. from Thompson Ave. to Sheridan Ave. Halcyon Pl.
Hamilton St.
Harrison Ave. from Fifth Ave. to Fourth Ave. Harrison Ave. from Fourth Ave. to Mercer Ave. Harrison Ave. from Mercer Ave. to Third Ave. Harrison Ave. from Second Ave. to First Ave. Harrison Ave. from Seventh Ave. to Sixth Ave. Harrison Ave. from Sixth Ave. to Stockton Ave. Harrison Ave. from Stockton Ave. to Fifth Ave. Harrison Ave. from Third Ave. to Second Ave. Hawthorn St.
Leon Pl.
Linden Ave.
Linden Rd.
Meadow St.
Morris Pl. from Drake Ave. to Sheridan Ave. Morris Pl. from Sheridan Ave. to Thompson Ave. Murray St.
Newman Pl. from End Of Street to Thompson Ave.
Newman Pl. from Sheridan Ave. to Drake Ave. Newman Pl. from Thompson Ave. to Sheridan Ave. Nora St.
Park St.
Park View Ter. Pennington St. Prospect St. Rosewood Ave.
Second Ave. from Drake Ave. to Harrison Ave. Second Ave. from Halcyon Pl. to Linden Rd. Second Ave. from Hamilton St. to Halcyon Pl. Second Ave. from Hawthorn St. to Prospect St. Second Ave. from Linden Rd. to Thompson Ave. Second Ave. from Park St. to Hawthorn St.
Second Ave. from Prospect St. to Hamilton St. Second Ave. from Sheridan Ave. to Drake Ave. Second Ave. from Thompson Ave. to Sheridan Ave. Seventh Ave. from Sheridan Ave. to Drake Ave.
Seventh Ave. from Thompson Ave. to Sheridan Ave. Sheridan Ave.
Sixth Ave. from Drake Ave. to Harrison Ave. Sixth Ave. from Sheridan Ave. to Drake Ave. Sixth Ave. from Sheridan Ave. to Thompson Ave. St. Georges Ave. N.J. State Hwy. 27
Third Ave.
Thompson Ave.
Vine St.

Grand St.

Warinanco Park Loop Dr. Wenz Pl.
Ward 2
Recycling pickup: ThursdaysWard 2

Adelphi St. Chandler Ave.
Eighth Ave. from Spruce St. to End Of Street Fifth Ave. from Chandler Ave. to Harrison Ave. Fifth Ave. from Poplar St. to Chandler Ave.
Fifth Ave. from Spruce St. to Poplar St. First Ave.
Fourth Ave. from Chandler Ave. to Harrison Ave. Fourth Ave. from Poplar St. to Chandler Ave.
Frank St.
Georges Pl. from Drake Ave. to Harrison Ave. Georges Pl. from Harrison Ave. to Chandler Ave. Grand St.
Harrison Ave. from Georges Pl. to Morris Pl. Harrison Ave. from Grand St. to Georges Pl. Harrison Ave. from Jouet St. to Seventh Ave. Harrison Ave. from Morris Pl. to Jouet St.
Harrison Ave. from Newman Pl. to Grand St. Harrison Ave. from St. Georges Ave. to Newman Pl. Jouet St.
Melville Ter. Mercer Ave.
Monroe St. from First Ave. to Second Ave. Morris Pl. from Chandler Ave. to Harrison Ave. Morris Pl. from Harrison Ave. to Drake Ave.
Morris St.
Myrtle St.
Newman Pl. from Drake Ave. to Harrison Ave.
Newman Pl. from Harrison Ave. to Chandler Ave. Ninth Ave.
Normandy Pl.
Poplar St.
Rivington St.
Second Ave. from Adelphi St. to Monroe St. Second Ave. from Chandler Ave. to Poplar St. Second Ave. from Harrison Ave. to Myrtle St. Second Ave. from Monroe St. to Chandler Ave. Second Ave. from Myrtle St. to Adelphi St.
Seventh Ave. from Chandler Ave. to Spruce St. Seventh Ave. from Drake Ave. to Harrison Ave. Seventh Ave. from Harrison Ave. to Chandler Ave. Sixth Ave. from Chandler Ave. to Spruce St.
Sixth Ave. from Harrison Ave. to Chandler Ave. Spruce St.
Stockton Ave.
Tenth Ave. from Chandler Ave. to End Of Street Tenth Ave. from Frank St. to Rivington St.
Tenth Ave. from Morris Pl. to Frank St.
Tenth Ave. from Rivington St. to Chandler Ave. Tenth Ave. from Spruce St. to Warren St.
Tenth Ave. from Warren St. to Morris Pl. Third Ave.
Twelfth Ave.
Walnut St. from Second Ave. to First Ave. Warren St.
White St.
Ward 3

Recycling pickup: WednesdaysWard3

Bonna Villa Ave. Cavell St.

Chestnut St.

Clark St. from Wheatsheaf Rd. to Chestnut St. Columbus Ave.

Crane St.

Dennis St.

Eighth Ave. from Chestnut St. to Walnut St. Eighth Ave. from Locust St. to Chestnut St. Eighth Ave. from Walnut St. to Spruce St. Eleventh Ave.

Fern St.

Fifth Ave. from Chestnut St. to Walnut St. Fifth Ave. from Locust St. to Chandler Ave. Fifth Ave. from Walnut St. to Spruce St.

First Ave.

Fourth Ave. from Chestnut St. to Locust St. Fourth Ave. from Chestnut St. to Walnut St. Fourth Ave. from Walnut St. to Poplar St. Grane St.

Highland Pkwy. Hillcrest Ter.

Home Ter. Jasper St.

Locust St. from Eighth Ave. to Ninth Ave. Locust St. from Fifth Ave. to Fourth Ave. Locust St. from Fifth Ave. to Sixth Ave. Locust St. from Seventh Ave. to Eighth Ave. Locust St. from Sixth Ave. to Seventh Ave. Ninth Ave.

Oak St.

Second Ave. from Poplar St. to Walnut St. Second Ave. from Walnut St. to Chestnut St.

Seventh Ave. from Chestnut St. to Locust St. Seventh Ave. from Spruce St. to Walnut St. Seventh Ave. from Walnut St. to Chestnut St. Sixth Ave. from Spruce St. to Walnut St.

Sixth Ave. from Walnut St. to Chestnut St. Sixth Ave. from Walnut St. to Locust St. Tenth Ave. from Chestnut St. to Walnut St. Tenth Ave. from Oak St. to Spruce St.

Tenth Ave. from Walnut St. to End Of Street Tenth Ave. from Wheatsheaf Rd. to Chestnut St. Third Ave.

Victory St.

Walnut St. from Columbus Ave. to Eleventh Ave. Walnut St. from Eighth Ave. to Seventh Ave.

Walnut St. from Eleventh Ave. to Tenth Ave. Walnut St. from Fifth Ave. to Fourth Ave.

Walnut St. from Fourth Ave. to Third Ave. Walnut St. from Ninth Ave. to Eighth Ave. Walnut St. from Seventh Ave. to Sixth Ave. Walnut St. from Sixth Ave. to Fifth Ave.

Walnut St. from Tenth Ave. to Ninth Ave. Walnut St. from Third Ave. to Second Ave.

Wheatsheaf Rd. from Audrey Ter. to Chestnut St. Wheatsheaf Rd. from Clark St. to Audrey Ter.

Wheatsheaf Rd. from Grane St. to Tenth Ave. Wheatsheaf Rd. from Highland Pkwy. to Dennis St. Wheatsheaf Rd. from Highland Pkwy. to Dennis St. Wheatsheaf Rd. from Ninth Ave. to Grane St.

Wheatsheaf Rd. from Raritan Rd. to William St. Wheatsheaf Rd. from Tenth Ave. to Highland Pkwy. Wheatsheaf Rd. from William St. to Clark St.

William St.

Ward 4

Recycling pickup: TuesdaysWard4

Aldene Rd. from Amsterdam Ave. to Fourth Ave. Aldene Rd. from Amsterdam Ave. to Third Ave. Aldene Rd. from First Ave. to Second Ave.

Aldene Rd. from Second Ave. to Third Ave. Amsterdam Ave.

Arthur St. Aurore St. Baltimore Ave. Bartlett St.

Berlant Ave.

Chester Pl.

Clover St.

Cox St.

Cristian St. Dermody St.

Dietz St. from Amsterdam Ave. to End Of Street Dietz St. from Baltimore Ave. to Amsterdam Ave. Dietz St. from End Of Street to Baltimore Ave.

First Ave.

Floral St.

Gordon St.

Grove St.

Halsey Rd.

Hory St. from Amsterdam Ave. to Baltimore Ave. Hory St. from Berlant Ave. to Amsterdam Ave. Hory St. from Fifth Ave. to Trinity Pl.

Hory St. from Trinity Pl. to Berlant Ave. Jackson Ave.

John St. from Fourth Ave. to Third Ave. Lafayette St.

Locust St. from Fourth Ave. to Fifth Ave. Locust St. from Second Ave. to First Ave. Locust St. from Third Ave. to Second Ave. Pine St. from Fourth Ave. to Third Ave.

Pine St. from Third Ave. to Second Ave. Robins St.

  1. Ave. E.

Second Ave.

Second Ave. from Amsterdam Ave. to Grove St. Second Ave. from Chestnut St. to Locust St.

Second Ave. from Clover St. to Floral St. Second Ave. from End Of Street to Clover St. Second Ave. from Floral St. to Gordon St.

Second Ave. from Gordon St. to Amsterdam Ave. Second Ave. from Grove St. to Aldene Rd.

Second Ave. from Locust St. to Pine St. Second Ave. from Pine St. to Sterling Pl. South Ave.

Sterling Pl.

Third Ave.

Third Ave. from Aldene Rd. to Aurore St. Third Ave. from Aurore St. to Lafayette St. Third Ave. from Lafayette St. to End Of Street Third Ave. from Third Ave. to Fourth Ave.

Trinty Pl.

Vine St. from Third Ave. to First Ave.

Ward 5

Recycling pickup: MondaysWard5

Aldene Rd. from Fourth Ave. to Halsey Rd. Aldene Rd. from Halsey Rd. to Fifth Ave. Alison Rd.

Audrey Ter. Birch Dr. Brooklawn Ave. Brookside Dr. Burt Dr.

Cherry St. Chestnut St.

Clark St. from Crescent Ave. to Wheatsheaf Rd. Colonial Rd.

Crescent Ave.

Dietz St. from Sixth Ave. to Fifth Ave. Douglas Rd.

Evergreen Pl.

Fifth Ave. from Aldene Rd. to Martin St. Fifth Ave. from Cristian St. to Robins St. Fifth Ave. from Dietz St. to Washington Ave. Fifth Ave. from End Of Street to Kaplan St. Fifth Ave. from Hory St. to Dietz St.

Fifth Ave. from Kaplan St. to Hory St.

Fifth Ave. from Martin St. to Wheatsheaf Rd. Fifth Ave. from Oakley St. to Pine St.

Fifth Ave. from Pine St. to Locust St. Fifth Ave. from Robins St. to Aldene Rd.

Fifth Ave. from Washington Ave. to Cristian St. Fifth Ave. from Wheatsheaf Rd. to Oakley St. Fourth Ave. from Arthur St. to Floral St.

Fourth Ave. from Floral St. to Aldene Rd. Fourth Ave. from John St. to Arthur St. Fourth Ave. from Locust St. to Pine St. Fourth Ave. from Pine St. to John St.

Franklin Ter. Golf Ter.

Grace St.

Grant Ave.

Heather Ln.

Holly Dr.

Hory St. from Sixth Ave. to Fifth Ave. Independence Dr.

John St. from Wheatsheaf Rd. to Fourth Ave. Kaplan St.

Kennedy Dr. Lockwood Dr.

Martin St.

Ninth Ave.

Ninth Ave. from End Of Street to Stanley Ter. Ninth Ave. from Franklin Ter. to Washington Ave. Ninth Ave. from Golf Ter. to Franklin Ter.

Ninth Ave. from Sterling Pl. to Golf Ter. Oakley St.

Pine St. from Birch Dr. to Seventh Ave. Pine St. from Fifth Ave. to Fourth Ave. Pine St. from Holly Dr. to Birch Dr.

Pine St. from Ninth Ave. to Holly Dr. Pine St. from Ninth Ave. to Raritan Rd. Pine St. from Seventh Ave. to Sixth Ave. Pine St. from Sixth Ave. to Fifth Ave.

Raritan Rd.

Seventh Ave. from Cherry St. to Pine St. Seventh Ave. from Franklin Ter. to Golf Ter. Seventh Ave. from Golf Ter. to Stanley Ter. Seventh Ave. from Holly Dr. to Cherry St. Seventh Ave. from Locust St. to Holly Dr. Seventh Ave. from Stanley Ter. to End Of Street

Seventh Ave. from Washington Ave. to Franklin Ter. Shaffer Ave.

Sherman Ave.

Sixth Ave. from Dietz St. to Washington Ave. Sixth Ave. from End Of Street to Kaplan St. Sixth Ave. from Hory St. to Dietz St.

Sixth Ave. from Kaplan St. to Hory St. Sixth Ave. from Locust St. to Pine St. Sixth Ave. from Martin St. to End Of Street

Sixth Ave. from Oakley St. to Wheatsheaf Rd. Sixth Ave. from Pine St. to Oakley St.

Sixth Ave. from Washington Ave. to End Of Street Sixth Ave. from Wheatsheaf Rd. to Martin St.

Stanley Ter. Uncas Ave. Washington Ave. Westbrook Ct.

Wheatsheaf Rd. from Fifth Ave. to John St. Wheatsheaf Rd. from Grace St. to Fifth Ave. Wheatsheaf Rd. from John St. to Martin St. Wheatsheaf Rd. from Martin St. to Aldene Rd. Wheatsheaf Rd. from Sixth Ave. to Grace St. Woodland Dr. from Raritan Rd. to Pine St.

Woodside Ave. from Alison Rd. to End Of Street